Promotes a healthy gut

Whether yoghurt or miso, fermented foods are recognized worldwide for their ability to keep human stomachs healthy – and livestock are no different. Whether fish, pigs, or pets, FeedKind protein has been proven to help promote and maintain a healthy gut and all the benefits that brings, from better nutrient absorption to improved feed conversion and growth rates.

We have seen improvements in growth rates across several species including Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, and weaning piglets.

Sustainable protein to meet global demand


FeedKind® protein does not rely on use of wild caught fish, reducing pressure on global fish stocks. In a report from The Carbon Trust, FeedKind protein has been shown to use 77-98% less water than alternative ingredients, including soy and wheat proteins. It also requires no agricultural land to produce, freeing that land for other food crops. In fact, one commercial scale FeedKind protein plant, if used to replace soy products for fish feed, would free up enough land to feed as many as 250,000 people. The land area represented is equal to an area the size of Chicago or Seoul.

Using methane that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere greatly reduces the greenhouse gas impact. We are taking carbon that is now outside the food chain and bringing it in. Additionally, our process releases significantly less carbon dioxide than simply burning the methane.

Increases Growth Rate

Rigorous studies done at Akvaforsk and Aquaculture Protein Centre, Norway showed that growth rates of Atlantic salmon increased when fishmeal was replaced by FeedKind Aqua protein. Despite a lower apparent digestibility coefficient of crude protein, the fish retained significantly more nitrogen at increased levels of FeedKind protein, which drove improvements in feed efficiency and feed conversion ratios.

Fully Customizable

Pelleted or powdered, extra amino acids or lower fat content, Calysta can work with clients to create customized products to fit their needs. FeedKind protein can be modified with Calysta’s industry leading biotechnology and custom tailored for individual species or applications.