Pet parents have high expectations for their pet’s food. Ingredient lists must be transparent and ingredients should be natural and non-GMO. At the same time, dog allergies are a common challenge for pet owners. With proteins the most common allergen, pet food companies are continually developing limited ingredient diets with novel proteins. FeedKind protein is a novel ingredient that pets will not have seen before, making it a perfect alternative for hypoallergenic pet foods.

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FeedKind protein has gelling properties when used in wet food applications. As a texturizing agent in wet cat foods it successfully replaced animal proteins while leaving palatability unaffected. Food allergens represent up to 11% of cat dermatoses with beef, lamb, and seafood the most common cat food allergens. FeedKind protein is guaranteed to be a protein that the cat has not encountered before, providing another option for pet parents that are seeking hypoallergenic food alternatives.

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