High quality healthy protein

Cat and dog owners have high expectations for their pet’s food and are increasingly conscious about the source, quality and safety of ingredients. With over 70% crude protein, FeedKind® Pet protein has an amino acid profile comparable to other sources of high quality animal protein. FeedKind Pet protein is produced by controlled fermentation of naturally occurring microbes to deliver a high-quality, healthy and sustainable source of protein for companion animals. FeedKind Pet protein is non-GMO, vegan, grain, gluten and soy free; it is also readily digestible and palatable to cats and dogs. FeedKind Pet protein is easy to extrude and has gelling properties when used in wet food applications, making it an ideal option for wet and dry foods.

Sustainable and traceable

Every tonne of FeedKind Pet is a tonne of new protein that doesn’t interfere with the human food chain. This scalable process uses no agricultural land and almost no water per tonne of protein compared to animal and plant-based proteins, so it is kind to our planet. This highly controlled production process minimizes the risks of contaminants such as pesticides or heavy metals, while delivering consistent safe and nutritious proteins, regardless of the season. FeedKind Pet protein is already approved for pet use in the EU and is recognized organic compatible. And because it’s a traceable feed ingredient, FeedKind Pet protein stands to dramatically improve confidence in the pet food ingredient supply chain.

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